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September 2018 

The art of wine

As part of a report for the Main-Post newspaper, I visited winegrower Stefan Bauer in Thüngersheim. During several appointments, he showed me the entire process in his one-man business: from the grape harvest to the bottling of the finished wine.

In September 2018, I accompanied winemaker Stefan Bauer as he made his wine in Thüngersheim. He is out in the vineyard almost all year round, and in winter he spends weeks alone in the cellar. He doesn't care whether it's hot or cold, dry or rainy: Stefan loves his job. And even if it is often very strenuous, he is fully committed and passionate about it.

With his small one-man operation, Stefan Bauer owns around 3.5 hectares with 17 vineyards in Thüngersheim and the surrounding area. It is not easy to keep up with the large wineries, but he is certainly happy with it. He even looks forward to hours of lonely work in the cellar. Because here he can experiment and create new wines. For him, the most important thing is: »A wine is good if it tastes good, is enjoyable and affordable."

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