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Under the clouds

In 2021, I accompanied Werner Kaiser, a retired employee of the University of Würzburg, for several months as he built one of his model airplanes. This allowed me to get to know the complex processes more closely and better understand the passion behind them.

Werner Kaiser has been active in model flying since 1955. He has been building his own airplanes for many years, from planning and sketching to building the aircraft. The construction requires numerous manual steps and extensive specialist knowledge. Even the slightest deviation can lead to the model airplane not flying stably later on. The choice of material, the assembly of the individual components and the choice of motor are decisive for the success or failure of the entire project.

Nevertheless, despite the potential challenges, Werner Kaiser loves his hobby. In the midst of construction, he says: »The whole project can still be a total failure. But that's the fun of the whole thing. Building something that no one has ever built before."

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